Regain Ligntness in Your Feet in a Comfortable and Easy Way!

Magnetic Therapy Tourmaline Acupressure Insoles are the ideal product for treating varicose veins. The perfect combination of natural Tourmaline and Reflexology, without the need for expensive offline treatments and surgeries, VariNish helps you effortlessly regain lightness in your legs.

What Can VariNish Do?

Eliminate & Prevent Varicose Veins

The magnetic field of the Tourmaline provides ample propulsion for blood circulation, effectively preventing blood from flowing backward and pooling in the veins, thereby preventing the formation of blood clots.

Relieve Leg Pain

After the accumulated blood is cleared, the pressure on the venous blood vessels decreases due to reduced swelling and congestion, leading to a reduction in the sensation of pain.

Burn Fat Fast

Under the pyroelectric effect of Tourmaline , fat molecules squeeze and collide with each other, breaking down from large molecules into small ones, which are discharged from the body with urine.

Restore Vascular Elasticity

It stimulates the regeneration of smooth muscle cells in the venous blood vessels, thus restoring the elasticity of dilated and deformed blood vessels.

How VariNish Achieves?

● Exclusive VariNish Tourmaline Magnetic Therapy: 8 built-in Tourmaline generate a powerful magnetic field. The Na+ ions in the blood experience a Lorentz force perpendicular to the magnetic field, providing ample propulsion for blood circulation, effectively preventing blood from pooling and flowing backward in the veins.

 ● Reflexology Therapy: By massaging specific acupoints on the soles of the feet, it helps activate and promote the recovery of various organ functions in the body. These include acupoints related to the brain, liver, heart, stomach, lungs, spleen, and more.

● Pyroelectric Effect: When exposed to heat, Tourmaline releases positive charges, creating a current that stimulates the breakdown of fat from large molecule cells into smaller molecule cells, which are then excreted through urine.

● Enhanced Comfort with Natural Pressure: With pressure naturally applied by the body's own weight, VariNish insoles strike a balance between strength and comfort. They offer a pressure-free experience and are ideal for extended wear.

What Happens In Body?

No Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are like an old plumbing pipe, where blood stagnates in the veins and is unable to return smoothly to the heart, leading to numbness and pain in the extremities, as well as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. If left untreated, varicose veins can deteriorate further, leading to serious complications such as phlebitis, skin ulcers and bleeding, which require more complex and costly treatment and care.

No Localized Fat

When fat cells accumulate, they create a significant burden on the system. Excessive fat buildup can lead to the continuous deterioration of varicose veins and even result in cardiovascular diseases, respiratory issues, and an increased risk of death.

No swelling & pain

Varicose veins and obesity place significant pressure on joints, muscles, and blood vessels, resulting in various forms of pain and severely affecting the quality of life. A healthy circulatory system aids the body in improving metabolism, accelerating the removal of excess toxins, waste from bodily fluids, and dissolved fat.

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Measure the shoe insole size that fits you.

Trim according to the provided guidelines to your desired size.

Insert them into your regularly worn shoes and wear them daily.

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Real Customers, Real Experience

I noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of my varicose veins after weeks of using them. They looked less swollen and prominent. Not only that, but my legs also felt less heavy and tired after a long day of standing or walking. The Magnetic therapy technology and acupressure technologies seem to be doing wonders for promoting better blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

Sandra Kuchta 48

Since I started using this insoles, my painful varicose veins have been much less of an issue, especially when I'm driving for long periods of time. The acupressure points help to massage and stimulate circulation, it helped me.

Kean Crouse 56

Before I saw this insole, I had just come back from a consultation at the hospital and the doctor said that there was still a possibility of recurrence after the surgery and I decided that it would be better if I didn't have the surgery. Just in time I saw VariNish and decided to give it a try. I've been wearing them for 3 months now and my family is amazed at the results, I've repurchased 2 more pairs for my wife and myself as she also has mild varicose veins and this has a great preventative function.

Lungile Kubheka 59

It's easy to use and works well, it helps to relax my muscles especially legs and feet and I find it works well for detoxifying the body and eliminating varicose veins! I've been using it for just 2 weeks and I found I'm finally not swollen in my ankle anymore, which makes me feel amazing! I had been trying a lot of methods before with no results until I found this and it solved my problem, I'm in love with this product, well worth it!!!

Susan Ouma 49

I've been dealing with varicose veins for a few years now, and it's been a real discomfort. My legs and feet would often itch, and even short walks would make my legs ache. I decided to give VariNish a shot about two months ago, and the results have been incredible. My varicose veins are gone, which is such a relief. But what's even more amazing is that I've already dropped 21 pounds since using it! I'm definitely planning to stick with VariNish for the foreseeable future to keep up the weight loss momentum.

Sarah Blair 48

After giving birth to my baby last year, I developed this unpleasant mark on my thigh that really worried me. That's when I discovered VariNish, and it turned out to be a lifesaver. I started wearing it every day during my walks in the park, and I couldn't believe the noticeable results I saw. I even got an extra pair to slip into my cozy slippers, allowing me to treat myself at home. Within just a few months, my varicose veins completely disappeared, and I also noticed a reduction in my belly fat. It was definitely worth every penny.

Nikki Jansen, 34

After using the insoles for a few weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my varicose veins caused by standing for a long time everyday at work. The insoles helped to relieve the pain and swelling, and even helped to shrink the veins. I was pleasantly surprised by how effective they were and would definitely recommend them to others.

Lanette Flint 48

I'm always on my feet. But ever since I started using the acupressure insoles, I feel like I'm walking on clouds! It's like they're giving me a foot massage with every step, and the best part? I've lost 22 pounds in just 39 days! These insoles are my new favorite tool for staying healthy and energized.

Roxanne Ragas 44

I've been wearing the insoles for a few weeks now on my workout shoes and I can definitely feel the difference in my circulation. My feet don't feel as cold and numb anymore, which is a big relief. I've also noticed that I've been losing some weight, which I attribute to the improved circulation and metabolism boosting effects of the insoles.

Leslie Rollins, 42

I'm not fat, but my stomach always easily accumulates fat. The doctor told me because of menopause due to the metabolic slowdown. After using this insole, I can feel the body's metabolic function is accelerated, I lost 15 pounds in one month. The most pleasant surprise is that I have not been two months without a menstrual period before using the insoles. But now, it is again. My doctor said that it is because the insole stimulates the foot acupoints and unclogs the blood vessels that are clogged, metabolism function enhancement, menopause delayed, I'm too happy.

Lauren Boyd, 44

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